Interlock Installation

Our team of experienced professionals who conduct interlock installation projects is
specialized in mechanical paving technology, which guarantees high quality and precise
installation in record time.

We carry out a wide range of projects from the smallest areas, like driveways
and footpaths, to large projects like seaports, airports, factory yards
and container terminals.


How We Work

  • Area inspection
    Soil check, measuring and consultation
  • Planning
    Structural design, block pattern and material requirement
  • Preparing the area
    Excavation, bedding sand and screeding
  • Laying the blocks
    Pattern layout, paver cutting and filling the joints
  • Final finish
    Compacting the paved area and brushing off excess filling sand

Exclusive Technology

  • Our laying machines, German manufactured, are state of the art.
  • With each of our laying machines we can achieve a daily output of up to 1,000 square meters of any kind of paver. This is faster and more efficient than manual installation.